Hair Cutting
Beard Trimming
Hair Designs
Whether it's an even all over with a line, a skin fade, shadow fade, or a taper fade I will make sure that everything from the length of the hair to the blend and the line will be carefully crafted and executed with care and perfection. Satisfaction is my goal with each client.

I provide clean high quality services personalized for my clients unique needs. I'm available for services 6 days a week, by appointment only Monday - Wednesday but walk-ins are welcome. 

Some of the services I provide are as follow:
Hardly anything say masculinity like a well groomed beard and mustache on a man (Gerald Levert or Kenny Rogers). I'll trim and shape your beard so that it enhances your swagger and accentuates your manliness the minute you enter a room or step out of your car. Beards are important and I'll get yours right. 

Since the beginning of barbering men have been using parts in their hair to make a statement and my service is no different. From a casual part placed at a point on your head or a fancy eye catching desing, I can make sure that the lines in your head make a statement and catch the eye of the people around you.

(Simple lines are no extra charge)
Old School Shave
Since it's my job to keep up with the ever changing trends of today I do offer crisp an exact eyebrow arching for the clients who enjoy keeping their brows as groomed as their heads and beards. 

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SFB of Dallas

You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced a hot lathered and steamed towel shave from a barber. I'll give you the traditional experience of old school barbering with services right out of the past given in a hip stylish new setting.

Eyebrow Arching
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Hairline Enhancement

I know sometimes your hairline just ain't right! Let me clean it up and enhance it for you. Whether it's inherited or the product of an unattentive barber, I can make it look good. Sometimes a fresh line is all you need to hold you over til the next week and I can take care of you on that.

Shampoo/Scalp Stimulation

Haven't had the time to maintain yor scalp because of a busy schedule? It's cool, I'm a full service barber so I can take care of that for you before your cut. A healthy scalp is as important as a crispy cut and line. Plus, it just smells and feels better after it's washed.

($7 with a hairct or shave)
Nail Grooming & Muscle Stimulation (Massage)

I don't offer this service yet but I'm considering it. Let me know if it's something you ight be interested in and with the right amount of responses I may have to add this service.