Tips are accepted and appreciated. If you have any questions about services, please don't hesitate to contact me at or general questions can be answered through 469-941-4052. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE!!!            
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SFB of Dallas

Haircut**                                                 20                        

Haircut w/ Beard Trim**                          25+                       

Specialty Cuts                                        25+                         
(Mohawks, Shags, Flat Tops)**

Boys (Under 12)**                                  15+                        

Seniors**                                                15                        

Edge Up/Lining                                      10                       

Beard Trim**                                          10                        

Haircut with design starting**                 25+                       

Eyebrow Arch**                                     10                      

Shampoo**                                            10                        

Nail Grooming & Muscle Stimulation (Massage)           TBD

**Prices are subject to change** 
PROMOTION #2: 1 FREE CUT if you bring 2 FIRST TIME clients with you.

PROMOTIONAL SPECIALS: $5 OFF FOR YOUR Referral Any pics taken wearing a "Who's Your Barber" t-shirt or holding a hand written sign with the same saying on it, in a public place, such as Walmart, the mall, a gym, grocery store, etc. will qualify you for an automatic $5 off of your next scheduled appointment. Parents with more than 1 child are able to get a per child promo discount only if each child is photoed individually in different locations with the t-shirt or hand written sign shown. The picture can not be from the same location for the multi discount.
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